Save Milperra riverlands from development

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Please help us save Milperra from overdevelopment.

The Milperra community need to let council know that residents don’t won’t the proposed development of the Riverlands site to go ahead.

The areas demographic is mostly young family’s and Retirees and this will cause major disruptions for the area for many years to come.

The riverlands site is crucial to our area as it homes many native flaura and fauna species.

Proposed works will impact on:

o Will have adverse impact on the resident’s mental health and wellbeing due to construction noise, resident dogs barking in reaction to the works and observing the removal of the mature trees disrupting the site’s biodiversity.

o The construction vehicles exiting and entering the site raises questions of safety for residents.
• The proposed future development will impact on:

o A sudden increase in vehicles on the quiet streets around Riverlands Golf Course will cause increased noise pollution, safety issues in the quiet streets.

o Pressure on the already congested roads surrounding the site (including Henry Lawson Drive).

o The character of Milperra will adversely be impacted with the DA as it does not fit into the natural settings that are currently present

please help us show the council that Milperra is a strong community by signing this petition.