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Keep McEwen Road Open!

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Some residents on McEwen Rd are unhappy with the amount of traffic and speeding.  Their proposed solution would be to add a GATE blocking off McEwen from the Cecil side of Alto Piano.  Adding this gate would not allow residents who work in South Pointe, bridgeville, or Pittsburgh to travel a much quicker route.  Blocking would also prohibit residents on the other side from bringing their children to canonsburg for school and they would have to go around.   On top of all of these and emergency responders would be effected and people could possible suffer waiting for emergency responders.  A petition was sent around to select residents on McEwen that were in favor of the gate, but not everyone in the surrounding areas were asked about this issue.  Yes there is some speeding, and very mild traffic.  A stop sign and speed bump, seem much more reasonable than gating and segrating an entire area for a few unhappy people.

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