Cannabis to be funded for palliative patients

Cannabis to be funded for palliative patients

16 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Woodney

My fellow Kiwis

Medical cannabis is now available in New Zealand, yet for some of those who are in most need the cost is still out of reach. 

Many of us have lost someone and at end stage of life all you want to do is, well everything you can for your loved one. 

I lost my dad 18 months ago, yet this isn’t about me, howeverI will never forget the palliative care nurse advised us if we had access to cannabis to use it. My dad was lucky enough I could help, so he was present (not drugged on opiates) for his last day with us thanks to that nurse. 

Now I have just watched a family lose a young mother/daughter yesterday 16/09/2022 to cancer who could not access medical cannabis due to its cost. 

 I don’t believe any family members with loved ones dying should only be able to access cannabis if they can afford it. Or know someone who knows someone. 

Because if they can’t afford it or know anyone, they have to break the law and find a local dealer to supply them. 

We are all meant to be equal no ? 

This is end of life care and every person has a right, if they desire to have access to safe cannabis medicines that others with money have access too. 

This petition calls on the New Zealand Minister of health Andrew Little to support all families and their loved ones during this time.
Most who are being educated or advised cannabis can help their loved one in end of life care 

We have enough legal cannabis companies in NZ this needs to be done here. 

By signing this petition you too agree we are all equal and that any person who is in palliative care should be able to access  government funded cannabis medicines. 

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Signatures: 122Next goal: 200
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