Refuse the Appeal to open a Cannabis store by Joyce Station

Refuse the Appeal to open a Cannabis store by Joyce Station

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Started by Concerned Citizen

Dear Board of Variance Chairperson:

RE: Cannabis Store Appeal - 3378 Vanness Avenue

  • Across the street from Joyce Station

I am writing to you to consider my request to refuse the Appeal by Areannabis Enterprises (BC) to develop a Cannabis store at 3378 Vanness Avenue in Vancouver, B.C., scheduled on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

The location of this store is a couple of walking minutes away from a Daycare (Collingwood Neighbourhood House), two Elementary schools (Collingwood Neighbourhood School & St. Mary's  School) and Church Parish along with a thriving community of many mom and pop shops. 

Children and youth would be passing by this location on their way to and from school. There is also a SkyTrain across the street that would bring more people from different communities into the neighbourhood. This proposed business would be in the heart of a residential neighbourhood. I know this type of business would negatively impact our community, including safety to many students, young families, employees and residents. It would also increase traffic with potentially marijuana users driving while impaired in an area around the corner from the high traffic pick up and drop off zone for the students of St. Mary's. The potential for an increase in crime in the area is a significant concern, and it just sets a bad example for kids. I appreciate you considering my request as I genuinely value and care about the negative impacts a Cannabis store would bring to our neighbourhood and community.

The Director of Planning has already refused a development application from Areannabis Enterprises (BC) Inc. Please honour his findings and let common sense prevail. 

61 have signed. Let’s get to 100!