Help Approve Generational changing cultivation and research of CBD for all Georgian!

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Matthan Ibidapo
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Hi, My name is Matthan Ibidapo,Founder of Cannabis South LLC (CS) and you're reading this only because one thing, and that is"why". I ask my self the same question and I come up with the same thing. The process of fulfillment in life is what I am pursuing . I will be one of the first pioneers who brings the lab tested processing  and needed access to give widespread treatment to the thousands who suffer from epilepsy, sickle cell ,Lupus and cancer among others serious diseases in Georgia. Roughly about 4,000 patients are allowed access to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ) and CBD (Cannabidiol) oils needed for there different ailments in Georgia as of today. As of July 1,2017 ,Senate Bill 16 makes six more conditions eligible for treatment with a limited form of cannabis oil allowed in Georgia: AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, epidermolysis bullosa, peripheral neuropathy and Tourette’s syndrome. It also allows patients in hospice care to possess the oil. We need a answer for thousands!

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