Support New Zealanders right to grow, treat and consume Cannabis for Theraputic use

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Allow New Zealand adults and patients to grow their own cannabis 18+

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The fact patients have to break the


law to care and give relief to our dying family and friends is just too much for some to handle. 

Where's the harm ?

Where's the crime ?

Cannabis Club New Zealand and (patient support group) believes that Kiwi adults should have the legal right to grow , treat and consume their own grown cannabis.

That under regulation.. up to 3 family members or Caregivers can possess, treat and care for their said patient, family member or freind.

That a National Amnesty for patients presently growing is immediately implementated as to ease the unessasaryrily stress put on already stressed,  ill and or terminal patients. 

That Co operative growing organizations for patients that are unable to grow their own to be established immediately.

There is already a shortage of Cannabis for Medicinal use in New Zealand due to mould caused from natural events this year right on harvest time. This may effect the crime rate in New Zealand. 

This is a vary serious situation to be in.

A health issue that must be addressed for the wellbeing of our New Zealand patients. 

There's no better time than right NOW to care


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