Pledge to Support Women Working in Cannabis

Pledge to Support Women Working in Cannabis

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Started by Kyra Rover

Women are losing ground in This is devastating for the the cannabis economy and yet there is currently no industry movement to prevent more women from leaving the cannabis workforce. 

We see evidence of this decline in studies presented in just the last two years by MJ Biz, the Women in Cannabis Study, and Vangst. There are now fewer women in the C-Suite with fewer entrepreneurs and professionals making the transition to cannabis. Perhaps the most devastating statistic is the scarce number of women among the executives of the C-Suite . That number has dropped from a historical high of 37%, to an abysmal low of only 27% with only 8% holding the title of CEO. This is now lower than the national average. Cannabis was supposed to do better. 

The 4Ps are ways for those working in the cannabis industry to BE and DO better. By signing this pledge you acknowledge there are roadblocks and conditions women face working in Cannabis that are driving them out of the industry.  And you are committed to implementing the 4P's, in your business and your career, in order to reverse this trend.  These steps are small yet conscious actions we can all take to stop the rapid decline of women employed in cannabis.



When women are paid a fair wage they can rely on, when their businesses are well funded and when they have a stream of paying clients, they will stay and contribute to building and protecting the plant and the industry. When they cannot afford to pay their bills, or take care of their families, they will leave. 

We remedy this by making the commitment to pay women what they are worth. Pay women the same as men for the same job. Pay women when their bills or paychecks are due. Pay women bonuses, and create incentives for them to earn more money when they make you more money.

Fund women-owned companies. There is no shortage of stable, revenue generating, women-owned companies that are in need of capital. Less than 5% of Venture Capital is going to fund women-owned companies in cannabis, yet statistics show women-owned companies are more stable and provide a better, faster ROI. More women need capital. Fund women-owned companies. 

Seek out women to hire, in your personal and professional lives. From your dentist to your accountant to your mechanic. There are women in every profession. Make it a priority to find women to interview in your search for anyone you hire for services. 

Buy products, services, art, and more from women. Go out of your way to buy from women. Go to local establishments owned by women. Request women-owned products at your local dispensary, every time you go in

If you make money off of another woman's work, pay her. Pay doesn't always mean money and when we're starting out sometimes we need the donations of another's time and goods. But don't undervalue her contribution by not compensating her with something of value and acknowledging to her that you appreciate and value her work. This goes for events, content and products. 

Use your dollars to help women build their own wealth so they can, in turn,  help other women do the same. When we pay women we empower women and level the playing field.

I pledge to the following:
I. Pay Women Equal to Men for the Same Work
II. Pay Women What they are Worth
III. Pay Women What I Owe (when bills are due)
IV. Invest in Women-Owned Companies
V. Include Women in My Search for Services (Professional & Personal) 
VI. Buy & Request Products Made by Women


Advance women in your companies by promoting them. Educate, train and mentor women to become executives and leaders, and then move them up the ladder. Give them a career path that is rewarding and they will stay in the industry.

Review your C-Suite and if you are lacking representation by women, fill the ranks with women in your company. Review your boards, where women are lacking reach into your network and put out the request for women to apply. 

Share women’s stories and successes. Promote the great works and achievements of women, and promote the smaller ones, too. We often underplay our achievements and we miss out on the inspiration and aspiration it provides to see other women succeed. When we do it for each other, it has even more power. 

I Pledge The Following:
I. To nurture the women who work for me and make possible moving up the chain of command from entry level or higher into management and executive positions.
II. Review my C-Suite and boards and add women when representation is lacking
III. To foster women's career growth through education, advice and promotion.
IV. To promote the works and acts of women to others by sharing their accomplishments publicly and privately.
V. To foster a culture where women are seen as pioneers and successful leaders by openly celebrating their successes.
VI. Recommend Women for Jobs that will move them up the career ladder.


Women are excellent managers by nature.  They are collaborators and community leaders. Women bring uniquely feminine traits to business and enable others to embrace differing perspectives. 

Through collaboration we can achieve greater reach and success while leaning into a less competitive and more cooperative business culture in cannabis. However, it can be full of challenges that prevent us from taking chances on each other. It's critically important that we find ways to work through issues and compromise for the greater good of the partnership. This will lead to more women being elevated to success through working together.

We absolutely must commit to a kinder, gentler way of dissolving partnerships and collaborations that aren't a good fit. Remember that the woman on the other side is also facing the challenges of working in the cannabis industry and she is not the enemy. Let grace, compassion and good boundaries be your guide out of an unsuccessful partnership. 


I Pledge the Following: 
I. To collaborate and partner with other women, to support their endeavors as well as my own. 
II. To create partnerships that are authentic, transparent and established as a win-win for everyone involved. 
III. To bring my best self to the relationship knowing I'm also setting an example for other women and the industry of how women work together. 
IV. To respect, honor and be kind to our partners if things don't work out. 
V. To not view my partner as an enemy when things go wrong but as another woman who is dealing with life as best she can. 


A common reason women leave the cannabis industry is because she is being sexually or verbally harassed at work. If we don't work to create safer environments for women we will continue to lose them to safer industries. Institute anti-harassment policies and stick to them. A safer environment for women is a safer environment for everyone. 

As women working in cannabis there are ways that we can protect each other and form tighter bonds as a community. It starts with a commitment to the greater good. Thanks to social media the world is watching how we deal with each other. When women publicly shame, dox or call out other women in cannabis it hurts us all. It hurts to see women go after each other, it hurts the strength and unity of the community, it forces sides to be taken and pitchforks to come out. It is like a cancer in our community. It needs to end...for the greater good of all women in cannabis.

Otherwise it will fray our edges and tear through our communities, weakening our collective voice and ability to make change. Pledge to not publicly shame, trash or degrade other women, regardless of what she has done to you or to others.

Defend women, stand up for women, have the backs of women you know and don’t know, and even women you don’t like. It is imperative that we look out for each other in a way that strengthens the power of women in cannabis and beyond. If we act as an impenetrable force, we will realize the vision for a more just and equitable cannabis industry where women don’t just survive, we thrive!!

I pledge to protect women from stress, shame or public doxxing in the following ways:
I. I will stand up for women who are being unfairly attacked in public or private.
II. I will not engage in negative or judgmental discourse about other women in the cannabis community in public.
III. I will not publish disparaging content or comments that attack other women in the cannabis community
IV. I will not publicly shame, judge, denigrate or disparage another women who I have worked with or personally been involved with if our relationship doesn't work out.
V. I will not spread information that is unflattering or unkind about another woman in cannabis.
VI. I will institute anti harassment policies in my company and ensure they are enforced

While it is critical that we take steps to secure a place for women in cannabis we must also lead with anti-racist policies to ensure that women of color are not left behind or left our of this movement. To learn more about how to be anti-racist visit Cannabis Doing Good

Thank you for taking the pledge to PAY, PROMOTE, PARTNER & PROTECT Women in cannabis. We appreciate your support and look forward to building a just, equitable and fair industry where the doors of opportunity and access are open to all who want it and work for it. 


887 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!