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Please help a mother suffered family violence to find help and peace.

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I am speaking for my mom. My mom was a positive, love laughing, warm heart and a devout Christian, but everything have change since she married.

In March 2015, she met her husband. Back then, he was very kind, caring man for mom. However, after their marriage he changed totally. He became very demanding with sex, he was taking Viagra all the time. He won't let mom to relax from sex even one afternoon or one night, moreover, he force mom to have sex with him. All she can do is housework, garden and sex with him.

When she refuse, her husband use his finger to dig mom's Vagina, Pinch her nipples, swear, threaten even stuff pillow on mom's head try to force he to do so.

Mom lost her freedom, she could not talk to me, not allowed to go to church, she cannot contact with any friends or families, she even been restrict with reading Bible.

After she escape from "Jail", a organization called "Safe steps" and police involved with helping mom.

However, there are few misunderstanding for mom lead her lost help. 

The first time in hospital, police officer as mom if she want to sue her husband, she was afraid, she just know that going to court will cost a lot which she could not afford, also she worried her husband track us to hurt us.

The second time, she was in police station to made statement. They ask her if she want to charge her husband again. In that time, she know she can get help with it, but it just a short time from she left him. She was still in bad mood, she was cry every morning, extremely anxiety and she could not and scared to face her husband in that time. So she decide to postpone that thing, to sue her husband.

Because mom not speak English, they misunderstand her, they think mom do not want to sue he husband, maybe more deeper toward negative, the organization became cold blood - gradually ignore mom, did not reply her call for a long time, that is the most vulnerable and helpless time for mom. Till now, I ask my friend to call safe steps, we knowing that they are decide to withdraw all the help for mom. Then we trying to contact other organizations, but after they talk to safe steps, they all start to not reply or push us out.

Could you imagine, a mother, suffered with family violence, she escaped from it, after she fight with herself, when she ready and encourage herself to really face to this "Nightmare", she fund that no one willing to help her, she goes back to despair. I am crying when I write this, I could not stop to think old time, when she was a single mom, how good she was and how hard she was, but she always full of hope, not like now, she is living with despair.

Please help us, we want to get help, Please support us to change their attitude, Let mom to back to peace, help us to overcome this nightmare to start a new life.

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