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The youngest generation knows their futures are at risk if we do nothing to curb emissions and protect the atmosphere.  And yet candidates continue to avoid the issue.  The climate movement is collecting signatures and pressuring Jim Lehrer to include a climate change question.  Mr. Lehrer needs to receive a request from the youth themselves... and those who care about their future.  

We want the candidates to directly answer the youngest generation, and their own children, "What will you do as President to protect the atmosphere for my future?"

Please join us. If you are under 18, please include that in your signature comments. Submit a question, too, if you want to word it differently...we will send in all of them.

Thank you, the iMatter folks

Letter to
Moderator for October 3 Presidential Debate Jim Lehrer
Please ask the candidates this question on October 3, during the debates:

"What will you do, if elected, to protect the atmosphere for future generations?"

I am under 18 years old (or a concerned adult) and I know that my future is at risk if we do nothing to curb emissions and protect the atmosphere. The candidates continue to avoid this issue.

We wish to say to them, "We are too young to vote. So we can only trust that you will make decisions with my future in mind. We need you to take urgent action to come up with a plan to reduce emissions enough to restore balance in the atmosphere."

Thank you,
the Youth (and adults who love them) of the iMatter Movement


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