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New Prague High School remember those who aren't here to stand up for themselves

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On September 3rd 2016, 2 girls who were seniors at New Prague High School were killed in a car accident in their way to work. A month after their deaths the school decided to change their policy by no longer leaving a chair with a robe and hat on it, or read their names, but now they will be having a moment if silence "for all students who've passed" and having one plant on stage that the school will be keeping. The girls were already given their diplomas and the class of 2017 also lost another classmate in 3rd grade who will also be "remembered" but without mention of any of their names anywhere.

This policy change not only feels personal, but these decisions should not be left to the administration, but to the classmates and parents of those who can't be with us to voice their opinion. Graduation is important to the students and families and for those of us who have lost their child, this is even more than important. Our children will always be 17, seniors. They will never have started or experienced the real world like collgeg, marriage or grandchildren. This is a way for us to celebrate those lives our children touched, and give us a little bit of closure.

The administration is doing this as a job and has no vested interest in the love we have or the love our children shared with the world. They state that mental health experts have said this is the best route. I can find just as many who will say this hurts families and friends more. There have been a lot of choices the mental health professionals have deemed best but were not. This is one of them. Remember lobotomies? 

Please help bring awareness and leave to the families this affects not just this year but future years. Parents and students should be making these decisions. If a parent wants to opt out they can, but without taking everything away from everyone because someone may be upset.

We love and miss you Cheyenne, Taylor and Hunter. We will never stop fighting for you. Your lives were taken way too soon, and you deserve recognition for your hard work and contributions to society. We love you

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