#CancelOICinPakistan - Cancel OIC In Pakistan Now

#CancelOICinPakistan - Cancel OIC In Pakistan Now

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Why this petition matters

Started by We Are NRF

[This is our second petition, Change.org removed the first version without any reason or clarification]

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has chosen Pakistan to host a summit on Afghanistan in Islamabad on the 19th of December. Out of 56 OIC member countries, a country known for supporting terrorism and worsening the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan was chosen, and we demand that the OIC chooses another country to host this summit. Additionally, we demand that a representative from the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan be allowed to attend.  

We have many reasons why this summit should not take place in Pakistan but rather on a neutral ground.

  • Pakistan has blocked 50.000 tonnes of wheat in humanitarian aid sent by India for the people of Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan shouldn't suffer from the political turmoil between Pakistan and India.
  • Pakistan is not the place after what happened in Sialkot. All Muslim countries should address this crime against humanity. The lynching of an innocent life goes against all Islamic principles and values.
  • Pakistan is directly or indirectly responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Pakistan should be the last place to be holding such an event. Pakistan is not neutral ground. They are biased and have secretly helped the Taliban take over Kabul due to its national interest.
  • Pakistani officials never condemned any of the atrocities committed by the Taliban. Pakistani officials have requested the world to recognize the Taliban and unfreeze Afghanistan's assets. 

Given these reasons, Pakistan is not a neutral environment, and therefore hosting the OIC summit on Afghanistan there is not appropriate or acceptable to the people of Afghanistan or its allies.

Our demand to the OIC is the following:

  1.  Cancel the summit and change the venue. 
  2.  Invite representatives of the National Resistance Front (NRF) currently the only opposing political stakeholder in Afghanistan. Fighting against terrorism and promoting democracy, social justice, and an inclusive government for all people of Afghanistan.



519 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!