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Cancellation of New Hotel project at Mourouk, Rodrigues

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The project of building a new hotel at Mourouk Rodrigues is clearly a bad idea both for the environment and the population. The director of this project who already owns an hotel has clearly proved he is unqualified and inapt to manage a small hotel, what will happen with a bigger hotel of 76 villas? 

In February 2016, 26 employees of the hotel were fired after an average of twenty years of loyal service to Hotel Mourouk Ebony.  The reasons for firing those persons are not clear and the management has violated THREE major rules under the Employment Rights Act 2008:

1) Non-respect of the 30 days delay.  The employees had the right to be informed 30 days beforehand that their services would not be required after the 30 days delay.  they were informed on the 23rd that they were fired with immediate effect.

2)Non-payment of severance allowance.  Each employee was entitled to a month of basic salary for each year of service.  e.g: An employee whose basic salary was Rs 7000 and has 20 years of experience is entitled to an allowance of Rs 140 000.

3) Employing new workers.  The Hotel has employed new workers the same year in a relatively short lap of time after firing people who has contributed for the well-being of the hotel for 20 years.

As far as I am concerned my mother worked their for 20 years at least. I have seen her suffer while accumulating several shifts during peek periods for a poor salary but she did not complain for it was the only way for her to send me to school.


Furthermore, Mourouk has already two hotels and this is not a suitable place to construct one more as it may have huge ecological impact.  Rodrigues is an island with huge problems concerning water and this hotel can even worsen the problem. The proposed solution is desalination of sea water but this project is not a solution as it has not proved to be efficient yet and can be even more dangerous for the marine ecosystem.


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