Cancellation and re examination of smjh-vmmc nursing officer for entire candidates

Cancellation and re examination of smjh-vmmc nursing officer for entire candidates

8 October 2018
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shweta Sharma

Hey everyone!

This is all about  exam conducted on 7,oct,2018 for the post of Nursing Officer for VMMC and Lady Hardinge hospital. 

I hope everyone's aware of the cheating scenario around. But if not, let me enlighten you here.  

In many of the centres, people were handed out written papers with answers in them.

In some, it was even worse. Computers alloted to few students were working themselves. For two hours straight, the candidates were just sitting and the system was automatically filling out the right answers for them! Whoa... Technological advancement if you talk about!

Few systems didn't work properly, so those students gave their exam after everyone left, now considering how much cheating and frauding was there, you can't expect us to go easy with this fact that, it was all fair after we left. That those 9-12 people sitting in each room didn't cheat!

And here comes the icebreaker!

You all must know that the question paper is always kept safe until the moment you start your examination. 

But funny thing, yesterday a few intelligent students asked the invigilators to provide them with pen and paper  in order to solve the mathematical equations and drug doses. 

But the reply that came out of the authorities was- THERE'S NO NUMERICAL QUESTION IN THE EXAM SO YOU WON'T NEED ANYTHING. (And not just the invigilators, some students said the same thing)

Now what we're wondering here is, how'd they know that? They must've seen the paper beforehand and that's how they handed out written answers to the candidates who filled out their tummies with lots of cash!

And many many other things happened in various test centres. 

This is another form of injustice. And it would be very foolish of us to let this go by and not fight for what is ours. Everyone has studied so hard. 

This is a humble request to all those who are reading this post, whether a Medico or a non Medico. To come along with us for some help. We'll be filing a complain to the PMO and will organise a strike if we have to, to make this whole system understand for what they're making us do!

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Signatures: 730Next Goal: 1,000
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