Canceling Al Fresco Dining on Federall Hill

Canceling Al Fresco Dining on Federall Hill

August 8, 2022
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Started by Francois Karam

To whom this may concern,


We have been in business on Federal Hill/Atwells Avenue for almost two decades and have seen the ups and downs of it all. One of our biggest challenges was in 2020 when COVID hit and our governor did not allow indoor dining. A great solution that helped not just us but dozens of other businesses was Al Fresco dining managed by the Federal Hill Commerce Association. It allowed us to accommodate our customers outdoors in a safer environment per COVID guidelines by closing off the street from vehicles.

Although 2020 was successful with patrons eager to get back into society and socialize, it has been a challenge in 2021 and 2022. Beginning of 2022 we decided not to participate as did many other businesses in Al Fresco dining. It just wasn’t feasible!

  • Customers couldn’t get to their restaurants. We have had 40-60% cancellations or no show every Friday and Saturday.
  • Elderly do not feel comfortable walking blocks in heat to get to our establishment.
  • Traffic issues.
  • Parking issues.
  • Many businesses suffering major losses in sale.
  • Patrons complaining of not having proper access to get to their restaurants.
  • Residents complaining that the street closure affecting their access to their homes.
  • Patrons not feeling comfortable parking their vehicles on random lots or side streets.
  • Our staff making much less in sales/tips.
  •  Lack of proper or enough police detail.
  • Lack of quality patrons. People walking around with alcoholic beverages and bottles from their homes.
  • Residents complaining of trash, debris.
  • Loud music being played from parked cars late night.
  • Patrons tailgating at their vehicles.

We have attempted to have our voices heard but are being ignored. We have fought heavily against this but yet many are being pressured or promised it’ll get better. Patrons want their easy access to their restaurants, businesses and bars. Patrons want to valet their vehicles safely, and access our establishments comfortably.

Although a handful of businesses have benefited from this, many are struggling. This petition is for us to hear your voice. Patrons, employees, residents, business owners, or anyone unhappy with this. Sign the petition below and leave a comment and please share for others to see.

We want our Hill back! We want our patrons back! Open up our streets!

Thank you,

Francois Karam

Opa Restaurant



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Signatures: 303Next Goal: 500
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