Cancel Wiley, the bigoted washed up grime MC

Cancel Wiley, the bigoted washed up grime MC

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Kylea Cowie started this petition

Following his latest video, scrutinizing and revisiting the question of why Hitler hated Jews, it has come to the point where his racist/antisemitic views are no longer up for being questioned and he needs to be banished in the name of equal right and anti hate speech.

As a multicultural country that celebrates diversity and stands up to bigoted hatred, we must have reached the point at which anyone who considers themselves as anti racist should blackball/cancel/banish him.

Regardless of your skin colour, religion, ethnicity or nationality, if you believe its wrong to revisit  Hitlers motivations for killing Jews (as well as blacks, gay, travellers and disabled people) sign this petition to support him being wiped out of our existence. 

Maybe you don't believe Jews are a race. Hes still a bigot that is siding with Hitler. 

Maybe you don't believe antisemitism refers to Jews only... he is still raising questions as to whether Hitler had a point. 

Buckingham Palace needs to remove his MBE (despite him not wanting it). 

DJs need to stop playing his music. 

Fans need to top sharing links to his music. 

Anyone who owns his CDs and Vinyl releases need to wipe their arse with the inlay/sleeve that came with it. 

Watch his latest tirade here

Please spread the word so we can reach 10,000 signatures. 

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!