Cancel Vermont's indoor, interscholastic sports season!

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Vermont high schools were allowed to begin indoor sports practices on December 26th. Governor Phil Scott, Secretary of Education Dan French, the Vermont Department of Health, and the Vermont Principals Association are currently assessing when and how to allow interscholastic games to begin. Please sign this petition to ask them to cancel Vermont's indoor, interscholastic sports season!

School staff in Vermont have risen to the occasion throughout this pandemic. It began with the creation of emergency remote learning experiences in the spring, it continued by feeding tens of thousands of children each day through the summer, it went further when almost every school in the state returned for in-person learning in September, and there has been so much more in between and beyond those examples.

It hasn't been easy, but it's been for the students. Educators have dedicated their professional lives to helping students learn, grow, and thrive. 

It hasn't been without risk, either. Many school staff have been required to supervise breakfasts and lunches where groups of students are eating unmasked. Many schools don't have adequate ventilation systems or functional outdoor spaces. And, despite the relative low cases and rhetoric dismissing it, there HAVE been cases of community spread within Vermont schools.

With the latest news from Governor Scott that all school staff are no longer being prioritized for vaccines, it is unconscionable that school employees be forced to spend time indoors with students who are playing indoor sports games against opponents from other communities -- sports where distancing is impossible and masking is difficult. If the science says that families from separate households should not gather indoors together, then why would indoor sports be granted an exception from that rule?

College and professional sports have proven that, without an expensive and exclusive bubble, cases will happen. Cases lead to community spread, and community spread--specifically asymptomatic community spread--has led to many of the deaths in Vermont's elderly care homes.

No more spread. No more deaths. 

Please cancel Vermont's indoor, interscholastic sports season!




Image by Alexandra_Koch on Pixabay