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A dialogue event with Jules Boykoff (Saturday, June 12, 20pm- / GMT-7)

Thank you very much for signing our petition calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics. Kenji Utsunomiya, the initiator of the petition, is going to have a dialogue event with Jules Boykoff, a former Olympic athlete and professor at Pacific University. The interview will be held with simultaneous interpretation in English and Japanese. Please register below:

Title: "Celebration of Sacrifice: The Truth of the Olympics"
Lecture: Jules Boykoff (Professor, Pacific University, USA)
Response: Kenji Utsunomiya (Lawyer, initiator of the petition)
Chair: Hiroki Ogasawara (Professor at Kobe University)
Date & Time: Saturday, June 12, 20pm- (GMT-7)
Organizer: Executive Committee for the Urgent Lecture on the Tokyo Olympics
Co-organizer: Team Utsunomiya Kenji
Host: Organizing Committee for the Emergency Lecture Meeting to Question Tokyo 2020
Place: Online (Please enter the room from the ZOOM URL in the email you receive when you apply)

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▼Timetable (Saturday, June 12, 20pm- / GMT-7)
20:00 Opening and introduction of Prof. Boykoff's new book
20:10 Explanation by Utsunomiya about the petition to cancel the Tokyo Olympics
20:20 Lecture by Prof.Jules Boykoff (30 minutes)
20:50 Discussion between Prof. Boykoff and Utsunomiya (1 hour)
21:50 Q&A session
22:20 Concluding remarks
22:30 Closing

Jules Boykoff
A professor of political science at Pacific University in Oregon. A former professional soccer player who represented the US Olympic soccer team. 

Kenji Utsunomiya
Lawyer, Member of COVID19 Disaster Emergency Action 
Head of “Toshikoshi Haken Mura (Tent City for Jobless)”. Chair of Anti-Poverty Network, etc.

宇都宮けんじ Kenji Utsunomiya
3 months ago