Cancel the remake of License to Drive

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License to Drive (1988) is a classic 80’s movie loved by many, young and old. To see another classic get remade is just more proof that Hollywood is running out of ideas and has to remake classics to make money. We all know how the remake of the Heathers turned out (hint: not so good). It is very sad and slightly disrespectful that they are replacing Corey Haim (who passed away on March 10, 2010) in one of his most popular movies. To remake this movie just to have female leads makes it seem like women are only worth remakes, and not originals. Everyone who has commented under the articles about this remake have all had the same thoughts on it; it shouldn’t be remade. If no one wants the movie to be remade then why should they remake it? If the audience that loved the original doesn’t agree for a remake then why should the studio (creating the remake) waste their time, money, and energy on something that no one would be interested in? How many remakes is too many remakes? Should we just remake every movie? In the end, the original movies will always be the best version of the story and always have the most love from fans. Corey Haim deserves justice, not to be replaced.