Petition Closed

The Nappanee Apple Festival has scheduled pig-wrestling activities, during which contestants chase pigs around a pen lined with screaming crowds in an attempt to place the pig in a barrel. The pig has to suffer from being tackled, body-slammed, jumped on, yelled at, kicked, punched and finally thrown in a barrel.

Please ask the organizers to cancel the pig-wrestling events and replace them with a more humane alternative!

Letter to
Nappanee Apple Festival Committee Director Dustin Geyer
Executive Director Jeff Kitson
Marketing Director Sonya Nash
and 2 others
Sports Development Manager Mike Huber
Public Relations Manager Jackie Hughes
I was appalled to learn that you have scheduled pig-wrestling events at the Nappanee Apple Festival. Subjecting these animals to such a cruel treatment for the sake of entertainment is disgraceful. The event may impose emotional stress on the pigs. Pigs are highly sensitive animals and prone to heart attacks when distressed. The general chaos of the event, being chased in a pen with a screaming crowd in the background, is a terrifying and hazardous ordeal for the pigs. The wrestling may also cause physical torsional stress on the pigs’ joints, in addition to any physical injuries, including broken limbs or backs, sustained from being tackled, body slammed, kicked and punched by the contestants. It is irresponsible of the event organizers to intentionally instigate such abuse and to display animal cruelty in this form.

Many festivals have already eliminated pig wrestling from their events. Terrorizing animals is not entertaining. I ask that you cancel the pig-wrestling events and replace them with any number of humane alternatives!