Petition Closed

Please protect our citizens from burdensome debt and environmental toxins.

Letter to
Frederick Board of County Commissioners
I am opposed for the following reasons:

Economic: Taxpayers will be responsible through the System Benefit Charge on their homeowner's tax bill for all costs not covered by revenue from the sale of recovered metals, electricity, and tipping fees: approximately $3 billion over 30 years.

Environmental: The proposed incinerator will emit hundreds of pollutants, including mercury, arsenic, lead, and dioxin.

Degradation of property values: Who wants to live next to an incinerator or operate a business nearby? Property values of nearby homes and businesses will decline and the incinerator will give off an odor in the hot months of the year — also bad for local residents and businesses.

Destruction of historic legacy: The proposed incinerator would be built just across the Monocacy River from the Monocacy Battlefield. This historic landmark is on the nation's Top Ten Endangered Civil War sites because of the proposed incinerator.

The proposed incinerator solves no problem: A landfill will still be needed for the 151,000 tons of ash produced every year.

The proposed incinerator will lock Frederick County taxpayers into a long term contract which will force continued county membership with the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority. Annual membership dues to the Authority started at $45,000 in 2004, and are projected to increase to $275,145 in FY2015 with no ceiling as to how high they will rise.

Additionally, the contract demands a monthly fee of $43,150 per month (or $517,800 per year) that Wheelabrator will pay to the Authority and this cost will be billed to the County. There are less costly ways to manage our waste.

Let's all work together for better solutions like Carroll County government is already doing. Their citizen based Solid Waste Group will soon be releasing their report of incinerator alternatives.

Please protect our citizens from burdensome debt and environmental toxins. For more information, please visit this website created by Frederick and Carroll County residents: