President Biden: Cancel Federal Student Loans, and Return Bankruptcy Rights to the Rest.

It's mind-boggling that Biden hasn't already done this, and abusing the excuse of waiting for the Education Secretary to get back to him with an answer. It's also inexcusable that the senate hasn't already passed a bill that cancels student debt. Why is the plunging of so many Americans into long-term financial hopelessness being viewed as an acceptable way to build/grow the American economy? It's simply not acceptable.
Cancel student debt. Make colleges tuition free. Boomers in office need to understand that they have set up younger generations for failure in far too many ways, and the least they can do is compensate for the insane costs of education we've had to struggle with and get this crazy debt off our backs!

Jessmaya Morales, Bellingham, WA, United States
4 weeks ago
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