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@narendra modi177 ,@prakash javadekar March 28, on the start of the day..every Student of class 10th was feeling a sigh of relief... Students  were surrounded by happy colours.....Parents always have been supporting to their children.. So that was a day of happiness for them as well...As on that day last board exam of maths for class 10th students was scheduled.... Competition is on the peak nowadays... I burnt mid night oil to give my best in my maths exam and i can bet if you are a student of class 10th u must have done.... Because every child wants his parents to feel proud... And i m also the  one.....After giving exam i was too happy.....because i did my best... And afterall i thought exam to be over... But when i heard of re exam of maths... The news left me shattered... It was no less than a heart attack!!!!!...Honestly saying i wept a lot..... And  a lot.. Not because i m afraid of giving exam again... But i cried because i was unable to understand that what was my fault???  On that day i understood true means of corruption and injustice!!... I m really thankful  to our  indian government to make me realise  this... And still i m unable to understand that what is my fault??? !!! Those who leaked papers are sinners, not us (students)... Government should punish them but instead of punishing them our government is subjecting us(students) to pressure,pain,burden and punishment... Thats the spirit of indian government!!! ��......why????.. Why we should give exam again.... Why we are being punished for the crime which is even not committed by us?? ....No..!!  Its an unfair decision and guys we just cant sit like this... We have to raise our voice against the injustice being done to us.... No re exam... No more autonomy!!!! 

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