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Cancel or Postpone Final Exams at Ventura College Due to the Thomas Fire

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Update: We've included a link below to our GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise funds for students and faculty who have been affected by the fire, to help pay for necessities, such as food, water, and shelter. Simply click "View all updates" below.

Ventura County has endured a massive wildfire, burning through 173,000 acres and displacing tens of thousands of residents, many of whom lost their homes and most of their belongings. Our city, our county, and our students here at Ventura College have been devastated, and we are occupied, working to rebound and rebuild after such a massive loss.

The timing of the Thomas Fire incident is unfortunate, as it poses a major obstacle for both faculty and students during such a critical juncture in the semester. Many students are already overwhelmed by the tragedy that they or their families are enduring, and to add the burden of finals to that would be adding insult to injury. Additionally, our health should be of utmost important to our administrators; we should not be forced to come and subject ourselves to the hazards of inhaling smoke, soot, and noxious gases.

Although students at UCSB are much further from the fires than we are, they’ve started a petition for flexibility and leniency for their finals, and within a day and a half, they’ve gathered over 7000 signatures. We are just as affected, if not more so, by the fires here at Ventura College, and we believe that we deserve the same leniency in this time of loss and tragedy. Many of us are too distraught to effectively study for finals; instead, we are allocating all of our time working to restore our beloved community and provide aid those who have lost everything.

For this reason, we call upon President Greg Gillespie, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Student Learning, Kimberly Hoffmans, and Vice President of Student Affairs, Damien A. Peña, to take into consideration everything our community is going through and grant us some leniency. Several days is not enough time to recover from a tragedy like this.

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