Cancel Kardashian completely false information, fake victim, selling lives for money

Cancel Kardashian completely false information, fake victim, selling lives for money

October 11, 2022
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Started by Rocky Hooper

The joke is over. They got famous off a lie & a joke. They’ve used people, hurt many people, they don’t stand for anything worth hearing anymore. 
Everything Ye was saying before kim filed is the truth he exaggerated it a little.  Who doesn’t. 
Funny how people don’t remember he never wanted a reality show. He wanted to move have his wife & his kids. She didn’t want them on the show. The minute he stepped in Kris’s home everything changed. In the beginning they loved it. If Ye didn’t step the show was over. No one wanted anything to do w/ them after Kris & Kim’s fake wedding.  
Once they realized he was the star, they were just reality joke he dressed the narrative changed. They locked him up against his will. Mental health is not gossip or media info. Who told the world, Kim. That was not her right. That was the beginning into their entire plot. Like Kim said “shut shit down”. She played with his head cause mommy told her. 

People were bored w/ them not YE, who wanted to sit & watch idiots spend money they made of regular people, sold fake products, used a church as a way to hide money, faked  documents for Kylie & Kim. Minus Kylie’s makeup they built companies of his idea, style, and connections. 

They have purposely used his ?MI? against him. Once he caught on to that & the constant switching of medication & their lies he left. But it was too late k&k already had escape plan. What he says is true he just does too much at one time. When the party is acting like a don’t know what he’s talking about. It comes out sounding irrational 

  1. Never wanted a reality show. He married Kim for love. 
    2. He didn’t North on there, she wasn’t until for a couple of years. 
    3. He only appeared when he was doing something like a fashion show. 
    4. Had them living w/ her month er for 4 years. Where did they always record. 
    5. remember the sleeping Ye phase? Falling asleep everywhere. (Medication side affects
  2. They took his privacy away, altered meds, team Ye when they needed attention, but bad Ye when they didn’t get enough. What happened to kanye can see his kids wherever he wants 
  3. why do they all choose to have kids with men end up ruining & ditching
  4. What did Kim say when ye was talking about her dress. Go back, listen, watch both reactions.
  5. ye said everything everyone else was saying. You’ve had one I create a beautiful master piece but our kids our old enough to see & understand these things. He was her husband wanting to be respected. 
    Kim was on everyone’s never comment after comment about dressing different for kids
  6. kim age finally hits her she has no other talent than that one and exposing her body. Kim never drank. Kim is never home with her kids.
  7. Khloe didn’t mind using him to get into a fashion show. Her aggravation didn’t build up like that in 24 hours
  8. They’re greedy fakes who will do anything for money. The mom wants to act like she’s still their age. They do not promote good family values, hard work, parenting, mental health, they allow themselves to be humiliated, nothings better than a comeback. Why every time when  Kim gets bad press either Khloe or Ye have a bigger scandal. 
    who wants their children thinking these unhealthy physically and mentally greedy family with a pimp of a mother who degrades her children if they don’t fit their brand pay paparazzi to see them out to talk about their looks or weight loss. Who wants their daughters think they’re worthless because they can’t look like them. They don’t look like them. count how many times you saw just Kim and the kids out before they divorced.  Very few. 

  9. This promotes abuse, body shaming to fat to skinny, show skin, play victims, not one has an actual close to normal family life. All the plastic surgery photoshop.
  10. WHERES THE APOLOGY TO THE REAL VICTIMS KIM FAKED BEING ONE. KHLOE CANT STAND UP FOR HERSELF BUT SHE WILL FOR KIM. Stop allowing the kardashians to get money off child labor, insecurities, pregnancies with men they never intend to be with. They’re crap overpriced brands they don’t use. 
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Signatures: 14Next Goal: 25
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