Opposing MAKAUT's end semester evaluation 2019-20 exam fee.

Opposing MAKAUT's end semester evaluation 2019-20 exam fee.

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On 30th June 2020, 

We got an information regarding the Evaluation of Final Semester of 2020 batch from makaut and 20% marks will awarded based on 'assignment based evaluation' and the remaining 80% will be based on continuous assesment and attention. There was also an alternative option for students who wishes to appear for normal exam i.e Alternative Evaluation Method for that  students will have to wait till the COVID-19 situation is normalised.

But then today we recieved an information regarding the Examination Fee of 1200rs for regular students and 1000rs if there is any backlog which has to be paid before 8th July 2020 and the logic behind it is a still a mystery. We'll recieve admit card and god knows for what purpose? There's no question paper and notebook. So, that clearly excludes printing charges. Then, there is payment to teachers for paper checking and that is also off the list. It's not about the money, It's about what's fair. I agree that Rs.1200 is not a big deal for some students but It is a big deal for some students.


It is a wise attempt to do justice for ourselves and it would be great. If, We stand united at this time. Share this as much as you can :)