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Once again, Pirates in Government act without impunity, conscience, or the Will of the People. This hideous soda tax increase is a guise cloaked in health: when really it is a double tax on all of our favorite beverages, to include health drinks, pm coffee, powder mixing, frozen orange juice, and flavored mineral water. If we look deeper, we will see a more sinister motive behind this tax. The City of Chicago and other local municipalities base their taxes on the price of an item. The Board Pirates have forced retailers to include this tax increase in the sale price of the item, which means not only more of your hard-earned cash is going to the County, but also increase taxes to local municipalities, including the City of Chicago. In layman's terms, with this beverage tax, even more, additional taxes will be added outside of the Soda tax; which is why we haven't heard any organic outrage from local politicians, knowing voters' grocery tax receipts are about to double. Take a look at your savings account, and remember how hard it was to hold onto something. Have you ever recalled a time when some entity withdrew funds from your account without your knowledge or permission? Remember the domino effect from that one transaction, and how powerless you felt? Now look in your wallet and prepare for the collection plate. The Board has already withdrawn from your Savings. These Pirates did not need the account number, your password, or permission. The Board at any time can name anything unsafe or unhealthy and then tax the citizenry, when in reality, this tax, across the board, adds a heavy burden to all families living in Cook County. This Cook County Board, without the talent or intellect to balance the budget, decided to go against five million people. In Toni Periwinkle's case, the vow to end the economy killing practice of sales tax increases was another political lie. Please help me fight against this infringement on our freedom to chose. The government has no business in our homes, in our pockets, in our bed room, or at our dinner table. I require no money, just your voice in the form of a signature at Look for the title CANCEL C(R)OOK COUNTY NEW TAX HIKE ON FAVORITE BEVERAGES. THIS EFFECTS MORE THAN SODA! Thank You for your time and support of freedom. Poloe E. Dockery Jr.


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