Ban cockfighting in the Canary Islands, Spain

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Ban cockfighting in the Canary Islands, Spain

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Asociación Protectora de Animales SARA ha iniciado esta petición dirigida a Excmo. Sr. Alcalde de Teguise: Don Oswaldo Betancort

The Animal Shelter SARA, which has spent 30 years fighting against the abandonment and abuse of animals, asks His Excellency, Mayor of Teguise Don Oswaldo Betancort, to abolish the cruel and barbaric “festival” of “The Cock Fights”

The law 8/1991, 30th April, for the Protection of Animals in the Canaries, states the following in Article 5:

Art 5: The use of animals for fighting, or any other activities including festivals and shows, which cause mistreatment, cruelty and suffering is prohibited.

However, and much to everybody’s astonishment, as a “traditional festival” Cock Fighting is allowed to continue. The case with Bullfighting was the same, but eventually this was banned.

Cock fighting, the “tradition” which exists for the cruel amusement of some, is clearly an ABUSE OF ANIMALS, a fact which constitutes a CRIME under the new Penal Code.

So that everybody is informed: These por animals, the cocks, are reared and trained to fight. Many of them are only used to spar with the strongest. For sparring, their beaks are tied and their spurs are cut off so that they cannot defend themselves. They die in a most barbaric way.The strongest birds are destined for the fights, in which articficial spurs, such as blades are attached, so that the fight is as savage and as bloody as posible. This causes great suffering to the animals and meanwhile the public enjoy themselves watching the running blood of an innocent being.

The Law for Animal Protection, exempts these shows as they are considered traditional. It does, however, also acknowledge that these shows cause cruelty and abuse to animals. Thus the exception comes  with certain conditions, which state: “For this reason, traditions which are rooted in some areas of the island and which involve shows such as cock fighting, and can be defended for their traditional and even cultural aspects, it is evident that these traditions are bloody and improper for a modern and evolved society. Therefore, this law encourages their natural demise through regulatory mechanisms which will impede its growth, such as PROHIBITING THE DEVELOPMENT of these shows by the Public Administration, not giving authorisation for new facilities, and especially not encouraging the transmission of these hobbies to future generations.

In accordance with the law which PROHIBITS THE DEVELOPMENT, we would like to know why, in the Budget for Subsidies of 2015, the Cock Pit of Teguise, which is responsible for these fights, was given, through the Department for Sports, 2.000€, allowing Cock Fighting to continue to exist, instead of encouraging its natural demise as indicated by the law.

 Another paradox is that Teguise has an area for the protection for animals and yet still allows the abuse of cocks. Are they not also animals which should be protected from abuse?

We have seen the publicity for the season of cock fighting which starts 13th February 2016. We ask that it is cancelled  and that this practice will not take place anywhere.

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Petición cerrada

Esta petición ha conseguido 17.434 firmas

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