Save People of SRS Royal Hills Sector 87 Faridabad #SOs

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Fraud by Builder (SRS Real Estate) Project- SRS Royal Hills Sector-87, Greater Faridabad.

Regarding Canara bank symbolic possession notice over our society on SERFESI act.

DRT allows to Canara Bank recover Money from resident.

DRT & Canara Bank ignore the order of High Court (Haryana)

1200+ family living in their flat & fighting to register their home.

 Parties:            1) SRS Real Estate Ltd             - Builder

                        2) Canara Bank                       - Financer of Builder

                        3) Loan Holders                      - Residents (Homebuyers)

                        4) Bank (Lander)                     - Financer to Residents (Homebuyers)

                        5) DRT                                     - Debt Recovery Tribunal (Remedy applied by

                                                                         Canara Bank)

                        6) NCDRC                               - Residents applied remedy against Builder

                        7) NCLT                                  - National Company Law Tribunal (Remedy applied

                                                                        by Canara Bank)

we would like to Inform you about the background and facts of our issue and update you with the necessary development in our case. We are expecting your help, involvement and necessary guidance to deal the matter

Background of the Issue: -

Movement (Sequence) of the Case: 

SRS Royal Hills Sec 87 , Faridabad -121003 project started in 2007-2008 & 1500 + family (5000 resident) book their dream home in this project from 2007 -2015 .

Till 2015/16 whole project (100%) was sold.

In 2014 builder (SRS Real Estate) start giving possession of flat tower by tower after receiving 100% amount from buyer. Buyer were happy to take passion of their dream home but they ask about the flat registry to builder but builder told first you shift we will send you details about registry of flat with in a month but after several follow up builder don’t turn up & till 2015/16 whole society flat handover to buyer & in this 2 years only 200 registry done buy the builder .

Buyer rigorously follow to register their flat nothing turns up, even buyer also done the agitation at builder office at that time builder did false commitment again & ask the time of one month.

 In 2017 some of the buyer create association- Fights for Rights & filled the case on 32 points in NCDRC (National Consumer Forum) now 2 year passed but not a single decision done in NCRDC, we are still struggling in NCRDC.

On dated 21-nov-2017 Canara bank paste one notice of symbolic possession of flat in SARFAESI act on our society gate.

Then we enquire about it then we get to know builder take the loan from Canara bank around 100 CR & after summing up of interest current amount is 104 cr. (on dated Nov-2017).

We get to know builder fail to repay the 100 cr. Loan to Canara bank & Bank try to recover money from innocent buyers.

We all homebuyers were unaware of this fact and had approached at DRT for the stay in our case, and accordingly, we also approach to lander bank (HDFC, SBI, LIC, Axis & other) as they have provided the load on this property to safe guard the interest of their loan amount but mostly bank dose not show any interest .

In between one more group of buyers more to High court (Haryana) & after several hearing High court order advised all the homebuyers to present the representation to Canara bank with the payment detail along with all necessary documents. Accordingly, Canara Bank has to pass the speaking order after accepting the representation and by giving opportunity of personal hearing within 3 months of the order date.

We all residents has represented and got the Personal hearing from Canara Bank. Canara bank during our PH (Physical Hearing) had asked/ verify some basic questions/detail from us. In response to the PH we have shown them the NIL Balance ledger confirming that all dues were paid and no balance is outstanding against us.


On dated 11-July-2019 DRT order to Canara bank to recover money by allotting the recovery Notice (OA/4382/2017).

Without hearing buyers appeal DRT Chandigarh issue the order in favor of Canara bank. 

Canara bank also move to NCLT for recovery of their money.

While the above proceeding was under progress, on 01 June Canara bank has taken stand to move in NCLT against Builder under section 9 of NCLT. Date has been fixed for 21-08-2019. Apart from Canara Bank two more case booked against SRS Real Estate Ltd and fixed on 30-07-2019 & 20-08-2019 under section 7 of NCLT.


In between Builder arrested by Haryana police & send the all management team beheld the bars for forgery in several cases, Fabricate document & many more cases.

Please find the link of all case details on SRS.


Now we innocent buyer on the verge of losing our Dream Home as no one is there to hear our voice, builder in Jail, Court give the order in favor of Bank & Govt. is deaf & dumb at last we decided to take help of media.

We 5000 resident in hope media will help us so that Deaf & Dump govt. wake up & help 5000 residents.


Our Finding / Observation in the Case: -

1.      Bank has verified all the documents and done proper due diligence and financed us.  

2.      We are bonafide buyers of the property and our rights are protected under TP Act (Transfer of Property)

3.      We have obtained the NIL balance ledger from the builder and taken the possession.

4.      We all are either staying or have given the property at rent.

5.      It seems Carnara bank and builder has done something wrong or they have not verified all the facts at their end as money given by buyers need to go in escrow account but that amount not go in Escrow account this can be done without handshake between bank & builder.

6.      We are approaching all remedy which are available to us.

7.      We all residents are at risk of being homeless.

8.      We are requesting your involvement and help from you.




Humble Request / Prayer


It is our humble request to you that We all are middle income people who have put all their hard-earned money under this project and duly paying the EMI on time to bank.

Bank has vested interest in our property, and it is duty of bank also to safeguard our as well as your interest but all of the bank is failed on this. We prayer to you kindly help us in this matter in fighting along with you.

We hope you will understand our genuine concerns and help us from this harassment as soon as possible.