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We, the undersigned, Town of Canandaigua residents and/or property owners, as well as adjacent residents in the Towns of Gorham and Hopewell respectfully petition that the Town NOT approve the proposal to construct a 116 unit multifamily rental complex with additional single family residential units, at 3535 State Rt 364/0000 County Rd 18 Town of Canandaigua/ Hopewell, for several of the following reasons but not to exclude additional concerns:  

1.    Safety Concerns: 

·       Street traffic is already heavy and adding a project with potentially more than 452+ cars than currently on the street will unreasonably worsen traffic along East Lake road and creating safety concerns.

·       This project poses a large danger and risk to families, children, wildlife and pets as there are insufficient crosswalks, sidewalks and a steep grade of the road which is straight without any curves or median to slow down drivers to safe speeds

·       The connecting road from CO RD 18 to RT 364 allows for a much greater influx of traffic to the area

2.    Environmental Risks: 

·       The large impact to threatened, endangered, and sensitive plant species

·       The impact of water runoff from the project to Canandaigua Lake further damaging the water quality and increasing harmful algae blooms

·       There are concerns with potential wetland issues on the property

3.    Financial Risk: 

·       A similar 82-unit condo, built by ATL , is also under development (Kueka Shores), and remains unfinished after 2 years. With both projects are built and financed by the same parties, there is potentially no guarantee and great concern of financial stability and commitment to completion.

4.    Community Resources Concerns: 

·       The proposal does not appear to take into account the strain so many more homes and vehicles will place on expensive Town resources, adjacent lake front communities and introduces unreasonable life safety risk for foot traffic.

5.    Residential Lake District Concerns:

·       Due to the residential nature and close proximity to the lake the project should be required to follow the residential lake district requirements.  The Town of Canandaigua codes states that the maximum lot coverage in the residential lake district is not to exceed 30% for large lots. The plan proposed should be treated similar to large lot requirement in the residential lake district. The current plan only allots for 39% greenspace.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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