Call the surety bond for public portions of the stalled Canandaigua Finger Lakes Resort

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It has been two years since any progress has been made on the Canandaigua Finger Lakes Resort Property. As such, the North shore of Canandaigua lake has been in cosmetic despair, with seemingly no future improvements in sight. 

On May 4th 2017, Canandaigua City Council member Matt Martin proposed a motion to call a $480,000 surety bond on the project, forcing the developer to make improvements to the public sectors of land his equipment currently encompasses, or have the City of Canandaigua do it on their own behalf. 

This action would serve two purposes: 1) The public parking lots, green spaces, access to the fishing docks and lagoon park would be cleaned up to proper cosmetic standards and given back to the public for use, and 2) it would put pressure on the developer to take action (IE: sell the property, properly maintain the property, move forward in some fashion, etc). 

The motion to call the surety bond was denied, as Council Members Terwilliger, White, Wade, and Mayor Polimeni voted no. 

Sign the petition today to show the community's support for this motion, and to support those Council Members who are ready to take action.