Stop the neglect of Scottish canal system

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Massive amounts of money were spent on the canals in the 1990's - the Millenium Project. Thanks to the hard work and devotion of the management at that time and the canal user societies, Scotland's canals exited from a period of neglect and decay. Road bridges were built, the canal system was cleared of the detritus of society and innovative projects such as the Falkirk Wheel were introduced to make the canals a feature of our landscape again. 

Now boats cannot travel the length of the Forth and Clyde/Union Canal network due to sub-standard management, bridges have fallen into disrepair, long standing staff members with a passion for the canals are leaving in their droves. Soon the canals will become a stagnant mass again. This is our heritage, part of the history of Scotland as a proud industrial nation - stop this happening.