We the Canadian people demand Justin Trudeau be properly prosecuted for his crimes

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The ethics committee has concluded that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has committed violations of ethics. Both in being found to be in violation of ethical and a conflict of interest. Such a finding is serious, it means our Prime Minister lacks integrity, honesty, and honor. He is the highest representative of our country. It is unacceptable. 

Futher more he has been found guilty by the ethics commission of 13 counts of Obstruction of Justice. The attorney general has sent 5 reports to the RCMPs office notifying them of the obstruction of justice. 

As Canadians we demand that Justin Trudeau answer for his crimes. That if he won't respect the rule of law, practice transparency and accountability, the RCMP and Attorney General hold him legally and criminally accountable. Investigate, file charges, and prosecute him. No one should be above the law. Especially, not our Prime Minister. If our Prime Minister doesn't protect Canadian law, who will? As well, he should Resign!