Replace The Leadership of The Freedom Convoy So We Can All Actually Be Unified

Replace The Leadership of The Freedom Convoy So We Can All Actually Be Unified

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Started by Alia Ali

Not a single Canadian I know is happy with how the government is handling the pandemic. 

Hockey arenas can be at half capacity and fans can cheer and jump but wedding venues can't have more than 50 people. 

Gyms were shut down but schools can stay open. 

Some provinces you can't buy a rapid test and others give you free ones. 

There's a lack of transparency, contradicting restrictions, and no goals or benchmarks to reach despite the continuing trajectory towards an endemic. 

A protest against the mandates and government handling of the pandemic IS unifying and it's about time it actually is.

The Freedom Convoy was started by people with ties to the far-right, white supremacy, PPC, the Yellow vest movement, the Chrisitan Heritage Party and a bunch of other extremist and fringe organizations that do not ALLIGN at all with the MAJORITY of Canadians. The official Instagram and FB page continues to post Rebel News which is blatantly Islamaphobic and known as Canada's version of  Breitbart. It's polarizing this country and my community in a way I've never seen before. 

That's not the majority of people and their shady ties are bringing Nazis and confederates and trumpers and it's about time the majority take a stand. 

I have been a part of a lot of movements where the cause has to be bigger than the individual and leadership and the moment they hurt the movement, they gotta go. Companies change CEOs all the time. 

I'm hoping the leadership who are sincerely supporting the cause see they are harming the movement and will allow a change of leadership so the convoy can represent everyone and lose the racist criticism.  

The leadership also has no experience in effective community organizing and doesn't know how to mobilize the majority of the crowd to herd out the extremists who are showing up and giving the media something to look at. And keeping folks who are anti-mandate like me away from this protest. They don't how to make effective demands to the government to continue the huge momentum of the movement. Things are deteriorating fast in Ottawa. 

I propose a portion of the money gets used to hire an experienced, effective community organizer who comes from a marginalized background so we can actually make this an effective and unifying protest against the mandates that have clear demands, goals, and direction. Because what's the plan right now?

Let's actually take some action and get rid of these mandates!!!  <3

25 have signed. Let’s get to 50!