Protect Living Creation

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Give the Original Peoples the land back in Canada

We the citizens of Canada-Turtle Island Respectfully call upon the Governor General of Canada to Use their power of Royal Assent to Give 100% *over 8 million km2  of  Crown Lands  to the Original Peoples of Turtle Island in a true act of Reconciliation.

That's 8 million km2 of lands being protected by the Original Caretakers of the land.

While I have your attention,
Many Canadians do not understand Canadian Corporations capacity and powers, it is important that Canadians understand what 15 (1)  of CBC act : A corporation has the capacity and, subject to this Act, the rights, powers and privileges of a Natural Person.

Think about Corporate Powers - how it affects our lives-  Housing, Internet, Electricity, Animal Agriculture, Water protection - Environment...

Governor General, Use your royal assent to give the land back and further protect the people by reviewing the CBC act and revoke “natural person” from  section 15(1) putting profit over people.

Protect Living Creations #MetooOui

Land Needs Guardians