Canadians Demanding an End to Mandates

Canadians Demanding an End to Mandates

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Why this petition matters

Started by Marlynn Trent

We, the citizens of Canada, want the mandates to end. We are not conspiracy theorists, nor are we extremists; we are Canadians from all walks of life who are no longer willing to remain silent, while we watch our nation crumble.

Small businesses are disappearing at an alarming rate, leaving families struggling to make ends meet and to even put food on their table. This is absolutely despicable. Thousands of people have lost their jobs for simply not wanting to inject themselves with a serum that has no long term studies. These people have lost their livelihood through no fault of their own, when it is their god-given right to have bodily autonomy and medical sovereignty. Mental illness, suicide and drug use are at an all-time high; it is not okay to dismiss the very serious impact this is having on our society. Our children, the future of our nation, are the ones who are going to be affected the most. Growing up in a world of fear and disconnectedness. Our children have lost all that is to be a child; to be carefree, to play freely with their friends, exchanging hugs and high-fives…to simply eat lunch and speak with their classmates. Our children have been bounced around like yo-yos, in and out of school; to sit in front of computer screens for six hours a day. Parents struggling to figure out childcare, and working from home while trying to manage their children’s education. Our teens are being deprived of their much needed social outlets, and are losing out on much anticipated grads and proms; a right of passage for so many, is being taken from them. Families are being torn apart, being told not to celebrate holidays with certain loved ones. Families not being allowed to travel to visit loved ones who live across the border.

We are all suffering at the hands of these government imposed mandates. If we are not personally experiencing demise of livelihood; suffering from mental health issues or drug abuse; experiencing social and familial breakdown; you can be certain that someone you care about, is. We all are connected to someone who has been impacted on a detrimental level by what our government has imposed on us. 

Again, this is not about being “anti-vax” or “anti-government”; this is about the freedom to medical sovereignty. We are a myriad of peoples with different religious, philosophical and personal beliefs. We have varying medical conditions and legitimate health concerns, that perhaps do not lead to security and comfort in taking this new vaccine. We have witnessed medical professionals be blacklisted and silenced for speaking against the accepted narrative; rightfully causing us to question why. Yet, we are immediately dismissed as conspiracy theorists for wanting answers. We are told to trust the science and that what we are being told is steadfast. When we question, we are ridiculed…only to have those steadfast facts change six months later. 

We now know that Covid-19 is spread by the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. We now know that those who are vaccinated can contract Covid; some with mild symptoms, some with severe. We also know that the unvaccinated can also contract Covid with only mild symptoms and some with severe. We now know that cloth masks do not stop the spread of Covid-19 transmission. We now know social distancing does not stop the spread of Covid-19. It is time that we end the mandates that are clearly not working. 
Canada is a beautiful nation; we are known globally for our kindness. The lies and manipulation our government has fed us, have divided us and caused hatred amongst friends, families and communities. These mandates are only further perpetuating that disheartening divide. It is time to dismantle that which is not working…which has never worked. 

363 have signed. Let’s get to 500!