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Petitioning Health Canada - Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Paul Glover and 1 other

Canadians demand Health Canada's NHP regulations be Suspended as they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

The Natural Health Products Directorate is UNCONSTITUTIONAL please support the lawsuit that Natural Health Freedom Canada has started to Suspend the NHPD regulations. They need donations to successfully win this lawsuit go to

Together we can STOP the takeover of the natural health industry in Canada!

Candace and the CHJ TEam


Letter to
Health Canada - Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Paul Glover
Health Canada - Director General of the Natural Health Products Directorate NHPD Scott Sawler
To Assistant Deputy Minister (Paul Glover),

How are you truly helping Canadians to good health?
What is your mandate?
We demand the TRUTH!

Candace Hill-Trevena (Founder of CHJ)