Approval for closing the Tax Loop hole enabling "income sprinkling"

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Close the taxation Loop hole that allows "sprinkling" to non working family members.


The Canadian economy is bleeding out millions of dollars allowing wealthy Canadians to 'sprinkle" their income over non-working family members, thereby saving themselves thousands while the majority of Canadians shoulder more than their fair share of paying taxes, many are driven below the poverty line.

Mr. Morneau you and the rest of the Liberal caucus are doing the right thing by trying to provide a tax system that is fair ro ALL Canadians.

The income tax that can be collected from those who can afford it , can help stimulate the economy and improve life for ALL Canadians not just a select few.

This tax strategy was originally intended for small business owners who take significant risk creating new jobs in the economy, and not for wealthy Canadians to hold onto their money by creating an allusion that various members of their family are working on their business.








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