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With the recent exposure online and on news broadcasts more and more Canadian parents and citizens are calling for CHANGE regarding SAFE school bus transportation for our children! Studies and TRAGIC accidents have proven that seatbelts are NEEDED on school buses! SEATBELTS SAVE LIVES! The other MAJOR concern for our youths safety is boarding and un boarding the bus while drivers ignore the BIG RED FLASHING LIGHTS AND ARM WITH THE STOP SIGN as they speed by continually putting our children's lives at risk. Canadian's deserve and demand change to protect our children! The buses should be allowed to park diagonally on an angle to block at least two lanes of traffic and a second adult should be aboard the bus at all times to escort students SAFELY to and from boarding the bus. Furthermore cameras should be on ALL buses recording at all times students are aboard the buses for their safety inside the bus. Please join the fight to protect our most important cause the safety of children! SIGN AND SHARE PLEASE!