Remove "Classic Staging" Commercial & re-shoot using staging in the proper context!

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Dear Canadian Tire Head Office,   I have recently seen a commercial that has me greatly offended, and I would like to state that is not an easy task to do.  Your new commercial starts off with home buyers coming into a beautiful kitchen and the man says “Classic Staging” trying to highlight the nice appliances in the home.  Then he points out that the home they are looking at is in disrepair and they missed the leaky ceiling and loud noises and major home defects because of “Classic Staging” with your appliances.  I understand that this is an attempt to be funny and jump on a growing discussion trend of home staging but you are doing it in the wrong way.    You are correct in the fact that appliances help sell homes as it increases the value perceived by buyers looking at homes but you are grossly mislead on the notion that Staging techniques are used to HIDE home defects.  This depiction of home staging in your commercial is educating the masses on what all professional home stagers pride themselves on NOT doing. We clearly outline to each and every home owner when we notice home issues that needs to be address PRIOR to staging a property with furniture, decor, appliances etc.  Should the home owner not want to properly repair major issues in the home such as a major leaky ceiling then every stager I know would refuse to continue with the staging process as we do not hide home issues.    I encourage you to have a phone conversation with the Real Estate Staging Association to learn what home staging is and how you can possibly use it effectively in a commercial because your current depiction of what our industry is, is false and misleading the public with your massive marketing dollars.   Home Staging is a relatively new industry and this type of negative depiction of our industry does not help the hard work and education we have be fighting all along. From business owner to business owner I would appreciate the removal of that commercial and encourage you to re-shoot it using staging in the proper context.   I have asked my staging business friends to join me in educating the Canadian Tire company on what home staging is by drawing attention to the matter using #CanadianTireStagingFail in our social media discussion.  

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