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It is not fair that Canadians are stuck with watching American versions of game shows and reality shows that have international versions, yet a Canadian version does not exist of that show (or an English one in some cases) and Canadians can still not audition for the American versions of those shows. Shows like Idol, Got Talent, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, X Factor, and Survivor all have international versions but a Canadian version currently does not exist. Instead, we are forced to watch the American versions of those shows and Canadians cannot participate in those shows. As well, shows like Deal or No Deal and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader are not available in English-speaking Canada. However, they are available everywhere else in the world and again we are forced to watch the American versions without being eligible to apply for them.

Not only is this not fair, but this is an insult to our culture. We will not stand by idly while many other countries have these opportunities while Canada is excluded. We Canadians deserve to have equal opportunities to be on these shows just like everyone else in the world who has their own versions of those shows. Canada is supposed to be a land of equal opportunity, so what should stop us from being able to take part in these shows?

Sign this petition if you also feel that both English and French speaking Canadians deserve to have equal opportunitiesand have their own versions of international reality shows and game shows.  Also sign this petition if Canadians should be allowed to audition for the American versions of these shows if we do not have a Canadian version of the show.