Class Action Lawsuit Against Major Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emitters

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Dear Fellow Canadian Students,
My name is Allie Marchand and I am a student in my third year at Wilfrid Laurier University. As I major in Environmental Studies, I have been very aware of climate change: how humans have contributed to its being, how it affects the Earth, and how it affects our lives. As I’m sure many of you have heard, a recent UN report revealed some terrifying news about the realities of global warming and the major negative influences that it will have in the NEAR future. The average temperature of the Earth is projected to rise half a degree by the year 2052. This means that by the time my friends and I are in our 50s– many with families and children – we will be living in a world devastated by climate change. For those of you who do not think that half a degree will make much of a difference, here are a few major impacts that this can and will have on the lives of our generation:
·     An increase of infectious diseases (temperature affects the growth and survival of water-borne diseases which will circulate in our contaminated water cycle)
·     An increase in flooding, hurricanes, and other major weather disturbances (we have already seen this in places close to home, such as the flooding in Miami or Hurricane Harvey in Texas)
·     Drought affecting agricultural activity and the food we are able to purchase at grocery stores (TVO has already began reporting large parts of Canada as ‘abnormally dry’, which makes growing wheat, barley and other major Canadian exports much more difficult PLUS there will be a deficit in supply for products that are imported to Canada, such as fruits and vegetables grown in warmer climates)
·     Heat waves causing illnesses and death
·     Toxic Smog can cause major health issues such as asthma
·     Coral reefs dying - these provide protection from storms, improve aquatic life, etc. 
·     And MUCH, MUCH, more!
While this is all quite scary and difficult to wrap our heads around, the good news is that these issues can be significantly reduced and even avoided completely if we TAKE ACTION. This is why I’m calling on Canadian University students to come together, speak out and use your voice to say that this is NOT OK and WE WANT OUR FUTURE BACK.
The biggest emitters of Greenhouse Gases in Canada are those in the Oil and Gas Industry. This is why, I have decided to start a petition for a Class Action Lawsuit against the 10 most dominant Oil Companies in Canada. This petition has been started in the hopes of grabbing the attention of the Canadian government and governments around the world, making a STATEMENT, creating AWARENESS, and COMBATING climate change. Unfortunately, we can't sue the government, but we can sue the oil companies! Lately, it feels as though the Canadian government has been taking some steps backwards (Ex. Rob Ford dismissing carbon tax) but we want to turn this back around. We need to act fast to expose our governments and - most importantly - the worst culprits of CO2 emissions in order to induce change.
Please join me in signing the petition. Let's get to 100,000. Be a part of the change. Be a part of the solution. Our future is in our hands, and WE WANT IT BACK!
Allie Marchand