22 Senators Who Can Save Canada’s Resource Sector

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The Senate of Canada is home to 105 strong, principled Canadians who are appointed and asked to provide “sober, second thought” on legislation sent to them by the House of Commons. Here is the current composition:

Independent Senators Group   52
Conservative party Senators    31
Liberal party Senators              10
Non-Affiliate                               8
Vacant Seats                              4
Total                                       105

If it is reasonable to assume that the Vacant Seats will be filled shortly, a total of 53 votes will be required to #KillBillC69, or send it back to the House for a significant rewrite. If all 31 Senate Conservatives vote against Bill C-69, another 22 votes are required from the other Senators to turn back this poorly written legislation and help save Canada’s resource sector.

We believe there are at least 25 such Senators who could very likely support our campaign to reject Bill C-69. Based on their professional and personal life experience, what they’ve said about this and other legislation, what they’ve told our supporters in the first part of our campaign, and what we know of their views of the resource sector, environmental and regulatory issues, it is reasonable to believe these Senators possibly could side with the thousands of resource workers across Canada who oppose this legislation.

Thousands and thousands of jobs have been lost in Alberta. Business are bankrupt, thousands of homes have been lost, children are going hungry trying to save the family on one or less family job, food banks are going empty and once busy streets  are emptying into ghost towns that will never recover. 

Bill C69 has so many loopholes and has the discretion of ministers to condemn projects at all phases of the assessment it may be beyond salvaging.