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Canadian Retailers: Stop selling jerky treats that are recalled in the USA

I bought my dogs what I thought was a healthy, natural treat – the package said “Simple, wholesome ingredients. No artificial preservatives, color, or flavors.” Within two weeks of feeding Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky to my 3 dogs, all became sick - my puppy almost died.

Over 3200 complaints of illnesses - 500 of which resulted in death. So far. Those are the statistics associated with what my vet categorized as a “toxic" event. Who am I? I am one of the lucky ones. My dogs survived.

Several brands of jerky dog treats imported from China were finally recalled in the USA on January 9, 2013 when found to be adulterated by unapproved antibiotic residues. But not here in Canada. Nestle Purina stated that they “care very deeply about pets and pet owners, and the quality and safety of our products are our top priorities”. Why don't they care deeply for Canadian dogs too? Purina's FAQ also states “We are not aware of any regulatory compliance issues in Canada, and no withdrawal action is necessary.” Unlike the USA, Canada does not regulate pet food at all.

Even though Purina is blatantly taking advantage of the lack of pet food regulation, Costco Wholesale has shown caution and responsibility by removing the recalled jerky from their stores across Canada. I want ALL retailers across Canada to act ethically and stop selling jerky treats recalled in the USA. I need your support.

I need you to sign and share this petition asking retailers to act ethically by removing recalled treats from the shelves in Canada. Get involved - join my Facebook advocacy group, learn the facts, call and write to retailers and government officials. Together we can make a difference.

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Shelley Broader, President & CEO Walmart
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David K. Lenhardt, President & CEO Petsmart
Stop selling jerky treats in Canada that are recalled in the USA

In January 2013 the New York Agriculture Department found antibiotic residues in imported jerky dog treats. The treats were pulled from store shelves across the USA, as Del Monte, Purina, IMS Trading, and Hartz all recalled or voluntarily withdrew their products.

Because of a lack of regulations regarding pet food, these products are still being sold in Canada.

In Canada, Costco has been the only retailer to remove the contaminated treats from their shelves; the only retailer to act ethically and to take their corporate social responsibility seriously.

If these treats are deemed to be adulterated and not fit for consumption for dogs in the USA, then they are equally as adulterated and not fit for consumption for Canadian dogs. If the manufacturers and distributors will not live up to their responsibility to ensure the safety of our pets, then retailers must step up and act ethically.

Please don't sell adulterated jerky treats that have been recalled in the USA – just because you can, doesn't mean it's right. I am asking you to choose 'right'.

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