Put forth a manditory safety inspection on houses before going on market

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Selling a house should be like selling a vehicle, where a safety inspection is mandatory. Buyers want to feel at ease when putting an offer down on a house, they want to know its safe to live in especially on estate sales. With the market being in high demand, buyers refrain from the condition of an inspection with fear of losing to other buyers. A home is where people need to feel safe and comfortable. Buyers need to be aware of what they are purchasing for their families and presenting them with a mandatory safety inspection would give light to their offers. All houses should be to code before they hit the market, if not then the sellers should be obligated to repair or replace hazardous materials that would jeopardize the safety of lives. The foundation should be solid and free of major cracks or corrosion. The windows should be functional for use of fire escapes. The furnace should be up to code and functioning without the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. The hot water tank should also be to code without the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. Smoke detectors should be present and working. Mould issues should be addressed and eliminated. If any of these safety issues are refused to be addressed by the sellers then it needs to be written and disclosed to the buyers. This petition is extremely important to us because we feel these issues shouldn't have to be a surprise to anyone. And they certainly should not have to be financially responsible for repairing or replacing them if they were not aware. Not everyone who looks at a house is a structural engineer or furnace/water tank expert. And when a listing says it was solid and well maintained, who would check to make sure the windows actually open? I feel that some people can and will be misled on the description of a listing. Real estate agents don't inspect houses, they walk through them just like the buyers do. Having a mandatory safety inspection will inform you of what you don't see. Then at least we would be aware of what lurks beneath. This petition could make a difference in the real estate world, as far as living safe goes. It would also be a bonus to not have worry about how we're going to pay for major projects we didn't expect. Help us change the way houses are presented and sold based on safety. You wouldn't buy a vehicle without a mandatory safety inspection, why should you have to buy a home without one?