Fix the Amber Alert System in Canada By Implementing Alarm Tiers.

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We all understand and appreciate the effectiveness of the Amber Alerts as we have all seen first hand how it has helped bring children home safe in many situations. However, the current implementation of the system in Canada needs to be changed.

There is absolutely no practical reason why the Amber Alert needs to use only the PRESIDENTIAL level alert for all uses. The presidential signal is meant for situations that present immediate physical danger to those in the affected area. Things like terrorist attacks and Tornados. A child going missing, although a serious tragedy doesn't present a physical risk to those in the affected area and therefore could use a lower alarm level.

This is a system that is well in place in the USA. The tiered system allows users to opt out or to simply silence their alarms at night when they are a sleep. No one who gets woken up from a dead sleep at 3am is going to be of any help in locating the child so why wake them up? Several studies have pointed at the detrimental effects of sleep on both physical health and attentiveness which could lead to accidents.

It is 2019 and in this case we can have our cake and eat it too. Sign this petition so we can get the CRTC to review the system and implement the tiered alarms. That way children will still be found safe, citizens can sleep in peace and no one will suffer alarm fatigue.