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Restrict child access to online pornography.

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Canadian children need to be protected from unlimited access to online pornography. Canadian internet providers need to be mandated to provide default pornography filters on all internet connections for homes, schools and public access.

Too many children in Canada are seeing explicit sexual images on the internet or mobile devices and our Internet Service Providers could do more to limit such exposure. Estimates suggest that up to 90% or more youth between 12 and 18 years have access to the Internet and pornography. Concern has been raised that this increased accessibility may lead to a rise in pornography seeking among children and adolescents, with potentially serious ramifications for child and adolescent sexual development. As a therapist, I see men and women in my practice with pornography addictions and sexual issues directly resulting from unfiltered access to hardcore pornography on the internet as children and adolescents. We are raising a generation of young men and women who's sexuality is completely informed by the pornography industry. This is completely preventable. 

Canadian ISPs should be mandated by the CRTC to provide pornography filters to all home and public internet services AS A DEFAULT, allowing individuals or organizations to specifically request unfiltered access when they choose to accept responsibility for providing access to pornography to their household or organizations users. 

Only by legislating ISPs to implement pornography filters as the default will we have a chance of protecting children be protected.  


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