Canadian Hockey Players Abroad Returning to Canada During COVID-19

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Canadian professional ice hockey players and their families who are currently abroad for their careers will soon need to return to Canada when their hockey contracts for this season come to an end, as they will no longer have the need/ability to stay overseas without a work contract.

These individuals are currently NOT on the "essential" list for travelling to Canada, and would therefore need to pay the costs and have to stay in the quarantine hotels that will soon be required by the Canadian Government. This is despite the fact that these individuals left months before this decision, and, despite the fact that they are out of the country for their careers, not leisure or travel. 

These Canadians are out-of-country for their livelihood - to provide for themselves and their families - and have been doing so for many years. For these professional ice hockey players, these career opportunities overseas are essential. Earning a living is essential. This out-of-country, contract-based work is their livelihood. It is essential for their financial survival. 

Putting these individuals and their families into the same category as travellers/vacationers would be unfair. And so we would like to ask that in this you please consider our situation as an essential reason to return to our home country of Canada.