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Stop modelling bullying behaviour.

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*Bullying is a behaviour. Behaviour is learned. Young people learn from adult behaviour. If adults are serious about preventing bullying, they need to model positive, healthy behaviour, personally and professionally. Positive behaviour needs to be modeled by all adults, especially those who choose to lead our communities and our country. Leaders need to lead by example. calls upon all Canadian political parties to cease and desist modelling bullying behaviour in the House of Commons and in public. calls upon all Canadian political parties to cease and desist in the creation and use of personal attack ads.

Canadians want leaders who will lead by discussing issues and ideas to help make our country better, not through the use of fear, intimidation and modelling bullying behaviour.

Canadians expect more. Young Canadians especially deserve better.

*Bullying is the repeated or habitual harassment by one or more persons on others by either real or threatened means. Bullying involves attacks that can be personal, racial, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation-based. Bullying can involve abuse, taunts, name-calling and put downs that can involve physical, verbal, written, or electronically transmitted means a.k.a cyberbullying. Bullying can involve emotional abuse, extortion, or stealing of money, possessions, and social shunning.

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