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Make a stand against homophobia, wear pride colors during 2014 Olympics.

Russia has recently passed homophobic legislation which bans "gay propaganda" from being worn or distributed. Now there is internal pressure to apply these regressive laws to guest and athletes attending the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Canada has been known as a leader in the fight against homophobia for decades now and we can continue that leadership by our athletes wearing pride colors at the 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. We can show Russia and the world that we will not abide by such regressive, homophobic laws, nor will we quietly allow others to impose them on us no matter were we go. The Olympiad is a time the world comes together, a time for friendly competition, a time for rejoicing in the human spirit. It can also be a time for us to show our unity against homophobia and the regressive laws which promote it.

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