Save Canadian Inuit Children: Every year in Canada about 30 Canadian Inuit young people die by suicide. These deaths are entirely preventable. Please take immediately the necessary action to bring these rates to close to zero.

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See us at, and on Youtube HeyZorgzilla, Inukulu, and DizzyandSockless, and Piujuq Inuit Art Studios.  Help saves the lives of 30 Canadian Inuit young people this year.  Give Canadian Inuit young people and their families hope.  Please. Thank you, Qujannamiik, Merci.

.For more information on heavy metal toxicities, and how it may contribute to ill health, and suicides see this research by Rice and his co-workers: No wonder so many of us Inuit are ill.  Too bad we cannot go to the Health Centers, and be tested for  heavy metals, and then if found positive, have them removed from our bodies (yes, there is scientific and proven way of doing that). For the test for mercury a small piece of hair is put in an envelope and sent to Doctors Data's lab in the US. It costs about $80.00. That's all, and then you'll know if you have to much mercury in your body and brain.  It's not that complicated or difficult.  It just seems that the powers that be are for whatever reason not motivated to provide funding for this, or to do it.  Let's motivate them, shall we?   Please sign our petition.  Together we can do this. We are not powerless.